Facebook Post: 2021-05-06T21:33:40

I spent so much time as a youth playing this. I think about the music from this version of this game probably once a week. In the days I played, we didn’t have walk-throughs, or cheat guides. I brute-forced my way through everything, including the second play-through, where everything is hidden in different places.

I think about a lot of other video games every so often. But this was the first one that absolutely blew my mind.

Everyone once in a while I want to play this game again. But I think it was the combination of having nearly endless free time and a pristine Nintendo was what made it possible for me to play this game to death. When I idly think about playing it again, I think: when would I actually play it? Like, how would I make the time to do so?

Middle age is dumb, that’s for sure.

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