Facebook Post: 2021-05-05T17:30:14

Marking my 23rd year in radio, on Mid-Valley Mutations I’ve been re-running some of my earliest radio recordings from when I got started on KWVA in Eugene, Oregon. For the last three weeks I’ve been airing “re-creations” of those early shows, with the voice overs and the other bits, and with songs assembled from the playlists, and from other recollections of the original broadcasts. Those first three sort of reveal that my show really did begin as a normal DJ show, that leaned heavily on punk and late 90’s oddities.

This week, I’m featuring two hours of broadcasts that I made with my co-host in those early days, Holden Craft (Justin Anderson). Holden was not a professional broadcaster or comedian, and was not even a comedy writer or wannabe radio personality. He was just a bartender, who happened to be funnier than most people I knew. It made perfect sense to do shows with him when I could.

Here’s two hours or late-90’s radio weirdness, with very strange and inappropriate jokes, and all the music that was common on my show in those early days.

Ladies and Gentlemen: let me introduce you to the Legendary Holden Craft.


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