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Today the fourth episode of 20 Minutes Into The Future: A Max Headroom Podcast comes out (at 4 PM, PST), and this one is near and dear to our hearts: a conversation with the creative team behind the American version of “Max Headroom.” This includes Producer Brian Frankish, and Writer’s Steve Roberts and Michael Cassutt.

This is a very fun conversation, where they talk about getting to work on the show, what it was like for each of them day to day, and even discuss how the whole thing came to an end. This is the first time the three of them have gotten together to talk about the show like this, and it is something you won’t get to hear anywhere else.

For this episode, we will have two versions of it available for you to enjoy. First, the podcast version, which is presented much like our normal shows: plenty of SFX and interjections from producer Mitch. However, we think you will want to see this one, too, so there’s a much more “raw” version of the interview on YouTube, where you can see the entire thing, without the fancy audio production and announcer interjections. Both offer something the other doesn’t have, and both tell the story of the passion these creators had for getting this vision on the small screen.

The YouTube version will have live chat going, and Austin will be in there for anyone who wants to hang out. You can enjoy it all at:


Be Seeing You!

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