Facebook Post: 2021-04-30T08:35:34

Today is the last day that you can sign up to get the benefits that will go out in May. (You can sign up at any time, but that puts you in for the following month’s benefits, etc.) Starting tomorrow, I will begin assembling packages and items for The Lemonade Stand supporters. The last couple of bits and bobs to get into the mix: Mutated Money and Custom Buttons!

There is a unique Button for each level of Membership. Mail-Art Members will get a different button with their mail art, and a new edition of Mutated Money will be coming out soon, which is only available to supporters. (I believe we will be releasing $2, $3 and $20 denominations, each with their own, unique serial number that may or may not be tracked when you cross international borders.) There’s a lot of benefits for signing up at the higher levels, and I really appreciate it when you do.

There is a level of membership for General Support, what I’m calling, “I’d Buy That For A Dollar!” Over a year that comes to $12, about the cost of an album of new music in a record store. I mention this only because it’s a low-impact, easy way to show your support, without feeling like you are on the hook in a big way. You get billed a single dollar, every month, and it helps support this crazy thing I do. And, even at the $1 a month level, you get a badge that tells the world you are helping me live my dream. 

It’s been exciting see all of this come together. While I still feel very strange about this kind of arrangement, I’ve heard some encouraging things so far. I know I would probably keep making things anyway, even if I didn’t have this motivation. Hopefully a few of you can see the benefit in that, and want to join me on this quest.


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