Facebook Post: 2021-04-30T01:31:29

I’m mostly furious that money is still a fuckin’ thing in the far-flung future date of 2021, but I resent the most how much was promised by going to school, and how much is actually gained from having an education. I’m largely miserable, I have no access to jobs because of it, and it has weighed me down, financially, since I went, and to make matters worse, the only things I really got out of college was some nice books and a new appreciation for McTeague by Frank Norris. But I’m no smarter or better prepared for work life than I was, and now much more in debt with fewer options than if i’d kept working for that ten years instead.

I’m so angry that this is still sold as something that will better your life. That’s fairly unlikely, unless you already have means and connections anyway. And I never had either.

Blur was right. Modern life is rubbish.

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