Facebook Post: 2021-04-28T10:43:48

A new, once monthly podcast is one of the benefits of supporting me at the “Mail-Art Member” level, over at the Lemonade Stand. In fact: people who are already doing that are hearing an ALTERNATE VERSION of the theme song, right now! It won’t be in the podcast, and the band has been kind enough to let us include it as a special bonus for those on the inside. The real theme song will be heard on the first episode of the new show, coming the first Tuesday in May.

If you wanna throw down at the “Mail-Art Member” level, you not only receive custom mail art that no one else will get to see, but a variety of old publications and releases in these mail art packages, sort of “thank you” gifts for your generosity. All of this, and the once-monthly podcast will be yours. Join the fun! There’s a lot going on over at Austin’s Lemonade Stand.


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