Facebook Post: 2021-04-27T16:23:46

I’ve been wondering if I could do this or not, and so today’s experiment paid off in the way of a new perk for “High Five!” Support Members. There is now a unique, one of a kind zine that is only available to supporters, and will contain your name in the back, as a thank you for supporting this work.

The first edition of that zine will be coming out soon, for the first batch of supporters who join before May 1st. If you want to get one of the first editions, you will need to support the digital Lemonade Stand, to help keep this dream alive. I’ll give you a tease: this is a new Detective Dexter Roland tale that has never been told before! Largely because I wrote it today. And it will never be told elsewhere, so this is your chance.

If you want to get this, consider signing up to support me in this crazy thing I do. I promise, you won’t be sorry.


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