Facebook Post: 2021-04-24T19:33:53

I’m taking the plunge: I’m asking for you to support me on Patreon, to help keep this dream alive. patreon.com/austinrich

There’s five tiers, starting at $1. For $5 a month you start getting stuff in the mail for your patronage. There’s merch, custom mail art, and some other items that you have probably already been hearing a bit about from me, at the different tiers of membership. Hopefully, there’s a level that works for you. 

With enough patrons, I can start paying my collaborators… and maybe myself? I can replace some broken (and much needed) gear, and I can relax a little regarding trying to earn an income. And, it will also help me recover the money I haven’t been able to make this last year.

I love making music and radio, and it is a total dream. This new podcast about Max Headroom is a combination of so many things that I love, that it is absolutely a labor of love for me. But it is also hard to maintain doing all of this without finding some way to balance the costs of doing this stuff. I hate asking for money. This is not how I want to go about the work I do.

But maybe we can look past that, and move on to making really cool music and radio?

If you have advice / recommendations about Patreon, I’m very curious. Please, let me know what you think. 

And in the meantime: thanks. I love and miss all of you.

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