Facebook Post: 2021-04-23T20:57:26

Genuine Idea: as I contemplate how to make a place for myself in the world, I am considering the idea of an old-fashioned Lemonade Stand, but for DIY Art. 

Part of me feels like it would be more of a stunt than anything that could ever make any money. (Even if I was just looking for enough coin so I could got to the A&P to get some penny candies.)

Another part of me is just looking for something to do during the day that might lead to some human interactions.

Regardless: would you shop at a folding table with charming DIY art for sale? More importantly, how far out of your way would you drive for it? 

Will this end up being a situation where M ends up buying pity 7”s from me just so I don’t get frustrated after a few days? 

Sigh. “The Days Are Just Packed…”

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