Facebook Post: 2019-04-29T15:18:19

I’ve had a long relationship with Ricardo Wang & What’s This Called?, but usually as the engineer, guest host, or as a member of the A/V Department. So it was a blast to play as Mini-Mutations on his show, and the fact that it was with Office Products (Doug Theriault & Dm Chandler) was even better. Tune in for the whole, two-hour show!

Facebook Post: 2019-04-29T15:13:45

As I continue to review the A/V from the first part of the tour, here’s a show that I really, really enjoyed: performing live on Richard Lindsay’s “Radio Lost & Found” on KBOO Community Radio. There’s a live set (with assistance by The Ramen City Kid), and then a longer mix set where Rich and I jam through the end of the show. There’s a video clip too if you click through the link. I can’t wait to do this again!

Facebook Post: 2019-04-28T10:20:21

I’ve been going through the A/V from the tour, and we’re not even done with our last show yet! Regardless, I’m very excited to bring you this show, filmed at Funagain Games Eugene, and hosted by the incomparable JUICE MACHINE. We tried to go live the entire show, but we were having tech issues, so only the first two acts were seen on the livestream. So here’s the 78 Minute film, which includes all the acts. That includes Oscillation Overthrurster, Chris Gierig (I Died), [view], Le Petit Sac (Sach), and a Mini-Mutations set to close. Check it out! This show was a ton of fun, and it’s cool to see it again.

Facebook Post: 2019-04-26T07:19:53

Album meme Day 7 of 10: until I was 25, I had more tapes than any other format. But not just store-bought copies of albums I liked on tape, but home made. I had more copies and comps and things friends gave me than any other form of listening. Riding my skateboard around Eugene, it was mixtapes I listened to. When a new album came out, I would but new tapes and copy them from friends. Tapes were my friend, they were cheap, and they seemed like… forever, right?

Facebook Post: 2019-04-24T10:03:23

Album Meme Day 5 of 10: 1980 was a weird year, and as I turned five and began to understand what Presidents were and that I was going to have a sister soon, this album by Christopher Cross was the soundtrack to Kindergarten and family life. “Sailing,” was the ballad that made all the girls love him and certain men to cock and eyebrows, but “Ride Like The Wind,” was the song I wanted to hear, desperately. I had no idea what it was about, why Mexico was such a long way to go, or even what the analogy meant, but I did know that where the other tune was mellow, this one rocked, and I wanted the one that rocked. I could care less about this album; I never got the soft rock nostalgia of the mid-2000’s. I’ve never wanted to go back and listen to more than just that one song. But no matter how weird and loud I prefer my music, there is some part of me that thinks of this song as the template and the ur-text, and I cannot help but think of this song.

It is night, and my body’s weak. Did I ever think that there was going to be a different “first song” that I loved?

Facebook Post: 2019-04-24T07:31:08

There’s a joke in here somewhere, but I fear that it’s more on the side of “the hollowness of most books in the ‘90s and the mundaneness of technology allowing everyday photography to be reachable by everyone in the 2000s will ultimately result in far too many levels of irony when looking at any given image.”

And I’m not sure if that kind of humor plays in the sticks, as it were.

Facebook Post: 2019-04-22T08:35:21

This was such an excellent time: sitting in with Das & Nina on UB RADIO SALON yesterday. We had a blast, the show sounded great, and you can hear most of it in this and the follow-up video posted at Mid-Valley Mutations. (Full audio coming soon!) So cool to play with some of my formative inspirations. Still reeling a little this morning…

Facebook Post: 2019-04-22T06:39:27

Album Meme Day 4 of 10: as a kid you heard “Bitchin’ Camero,” on Dr. Demento, and “Punk Rock Girl,” is legendary, but when you start buying Dead Milkmen albums, you start to notice something different on Eat Your Paisley, their second album and evidence that they are actually less funny than a lot of people assumed, but rather, just had a good sense of humor. Sure, people will find their output funny. But listen to, “I Hear Your Name,” and tell me this is a funny band? They are so much more, to our benefit.

Facebook Post: 2019-04-21T05:48:02

Album Meme Day 3 of 10: In the pre-Internet days I read about Captain Beefheart, and bought this record on a whim, not knowing what it sounded like, but knowing that it was “weird.” And it was; I didn’t know what to make of it at first. But after a couple of years, I put it on one day and it “clicked.” This album isn’t for everyone, but for those who get it, this record opens up a wonderland of incredible music. But this is sort of the Keystone. With this album, many other possibilities open up.

Facebook Post: 2019-04-20T10:48:40

Day 2 of 10 Record Meme: while it was not this broadcast exactly, I remember vividly tuning into a radio drama with my first radio as a kid and being mesmerized. I had only ever heard music on the radio before. Never this kind of thing. My interest in adding non-music to radio seems to come from this moment, which led to finding this recording, and later, this record. I used to listen to it every day, tearing it apart for the secrets of good radio. I used to have long sections memorized. But now it’s just a yearly treat, which I find enjoyable and wonderful, after hundreds of repeated listens.

Facebook Post: 2019-04-15T17:57:09

Here’s an amazing gift from Joe Telafici: a huge pile of ‘zines from the ‘90s. Mostly Corvallis stuff, a huge pile of old “Twisted Nipples,” and a several other titles. I’m excited to see what the Corvallis scene was like at a time when I was immersed in the Eugene scene. I’ll report back, certainly…

Facebook Post: 2019-04-15T09:36:28

Powell’s trip. I’ve been sitting on a gift card for a long time, and it made sense to finally blow it and get some cool shit. The PO Punk History looks fantastic, as someone who finds that scene far too important. My favorite instructor at PSU was Dan DeWeese, and I took as many classes from him as possible. I knew that he has become a bit of a literary gent since then, but shamefully, this will be my first exposure to his stuff. Nick Tosches because he’s my hero. Love & Rockets, League of Extraordinary Gentlemen and Jason because I can only stray so far away from my primal interests. I know there’s stuff I overlooked, things I should have gotten, and sections I completely missed. But it felt oh-so-good to be in that store again. How cool.

Facebook Post: 2019-04-13T07:11:50

Today we have a Mini-Mutations double-header! At 2 PM I’ll be on What’s This Called? on Freeform Portland with Ricardo Wang and Office Products! Then, we join the Dead Air Fresheners and Eet at 6 PM at Speck’s Records & Tapes for Record Store Day!


I will have copies of my vinyl record for sale! It’s a limited run, and I’m really proud of it. Come on out! Enjoy some cool tunes! I’m on tour, and would love to see some friends.

Maybe you?

Facebook Post: 2019-04-12T17:51:46

Movie Day. It might be a day off from the tour, but that doesn’t mean I’m not game for a little movie magic with old friends. It was all hit and run, guerrilla-style stuff as we wandered around Portland, but I got to live out another dream today, and acted the part of a hobo in a future feature. Apparently my costume is a spoiler? I’ll keep you updated as I continue to expand my IMDB page.

Facebook Post: 2019-04-11T09:00:38

The show last night, Infinite Neck, Forrest Friends & Mini-Mutations! at The Space Concert Club, was fantastic! Thanks again everyone who came out, and everyone who works at The Space, and makes shows like this possible. Summer held down the kitchen fantastically, and my wrap was hella dope. Daniel and Jocelyn held down the bar like champs, and Taylor’s Sound is alway top notch, every time. Good crowd, and everyone was on fire. I had a blast. Here’s a few snaps; check out the Mid-Valley Mutations Page (and The Space Page) to see streaming live video! Last night was great. Today we’re Portland Bound…

Facebook Post: 2019-04-08T12:02:00

I made a joke on the Internet that there should be clowns and confetti when I release my first vinyl, and last night at the show, Ellen Klowden came dressed as a clown and gave me this bag of confetti. It was so sweet and thoughtful, and made last night extra cool. I made out like a bandit, and a lot of people walked off with new vinyl. The next chance to get some is this Wednesday: Infinite Neck, Forrest Friends & Mini-Mutations! Hopefully I’ll see you there!

Facebook Post: 2019-04-06T06:01:21

Baring transportation and technical challenges, I will be live-streaming this event on the Mid-Valley Mutations page tonight, while I’m in Portland at Gil’s Speakeasy. /root_DIR is sort of on hold as a project right now, but they do make it out periodically for events like this, and are not to be missed. Red Panda Death March has been evolving and getting better and better with each new tweak and change, and the rest of the line-up is pretty killer. If you wanna see the streams as they happen, make sure you’re following the Mid-Valley Mutations page, and you’ll see these videos pop up as they happen. And, if you remain subscribed, you can always check out the streams after the fact.

Here’s the event. Maybe I’ll see you there?


Facebook Post: 2019-04-04T16:19:06

Here’s the next stop, at our favorite Eugene joint, Funagain Games Eugene. The line-up this weekend is just ridiculous; the new Le Petit Sac releases I’ve heard are fantastic and mesmerizing, and I’ve seen JUICE MACHINE, Chris Gierig & [view] all kill it recently, so you know this will be a lot of fun. Oscillation Overthruster is new to me, so that will be exciting, too! Early show, All Ages, Free Show! I’ll have new merch and it’ll be fun to catch up. Who do I still know in Eugene?

Facebook Post: 2019-04-03T20:32:40

In addition to seeing some great music, I also picked up some fantastic merch, too. New lathe cut disc by Forrest Friends w/ amazing art by Patrick Neill Gundran, two (new to me) JUICE MACHINE discs, two Modal Zork tapes, a new Deadly Discs tape, and a hand-delivered cassette from Don Haugen, who continues to impress me with new, excellent work. A lot of tapes this year. Can’t wait to see what else turns up this tour.

Facebook Post: 2019-04-01T09:49:54

It’s not even Noon, and already the Fools are neck deep. So here’s something that isn’t a joke: The “What Is Noise?” Fest Day 1 Movie, with nearly all the performances and live streams from Friday Night. There’s an 83-ish minute movie version, or you can find all the performances individually, too. Dig in! Day 2 is on the way…