Facebook Post: 2018-12-20T19:46:41

This is The Archive. This is where my cassette and CD collection has wound up, along with all the material from the last 25+ years of ‘zines, bands and radio. Fliers, comics, broken drum sticks, random mementos, etc. All the random crap that I’ve accumulated.

The goal for 2019 is to sort this archive into something more useable. Hopefully I can put in some shelves so I can access the tapes and CDs a little more readily; I wanna make a larger “book” to house the fliers, etc.

I don’t claim it’s anything special. It’s largely a lot of junk that probably will get tossed when I realize how much of it hasn’t aged well and / or isn’t necessary to keep moving forward. As someone who is overly sentimental and has only lived out of boxes for most of my life, most of the time I haven’t had the opportunity to to do more than toss more shit into a box and put it in storage. So this should be an interesting project. I’m certain to be embarrassed by most of it. But I’m sure a gem or two will pop up here and there.

And, I’ll be happy to see it slim down, in the end.

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