Facebook Post: 2018-12-11T07:40:28

I am so very torn. When I meet people in the world, they are kind and full of love and sadness and stories that are amazing and interesting. But most news, politics, and social media suggests a selfish, horrible world full of mean people who have no time for anything or anyone else.

I am sure that both of these worlds exist. That there really are selfish assholes and kind people in the same world, and that they are only represented disproportionately in my experiences. And yet, how can I quit all news and politics only because it enrages me?

How do you deal with this disparity in the world? I have no room for toxicity in my life, but huge swaths of it are full of awful, terrible people. My daily interactions are usually with wonderful and nice people, but if I open myself up to the world via media, it’s a horror show. What do you do? How do you handle this?

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