Facebook Post: 2018-12-09T22:24:14

They cruised around the universe.
They were looking for girls, I guess.
All I could think of was,
‘How did I ever get myself into this mess?’

I didn’t have much money.
They didn’t have much class.
I didn’t even want to go,
and they made me pay for gas.

They swerved around the planets,
at a thousand miles a minute,
singings songs, I sang along.
But my heart just wasn’t in it.

They dropped me off at home,
and in a wink they were gone.
They didn’t even apologize
for the skid marks on my lawn.

They said that some day they might be back.
I wish they would let me be.
In fact, if I don’t ever see them
it’ll be just fine with me.

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