Facebook Post: 2018-11-05T11:14:29

Rita Update:

I walked over and knocked on the door, and met Dennis, Rita’s son. He lives there all the time. I asked how she was doing and he pieced together that I was the neighbor. Apparently he figured out what had happened. I couldn’t tell if someone from DHS has been by for a wellness check or not. He did say she was fine, he was grateful, and that she was napping at the moment. He explained that he was sound asleep last night, and thought she was. She apparently let herself out. He also mentioned that she was transitioning with various medications, and that she clearly had a reaction. He was incredibly grateful. I offered my help, gave him my address, and after a moment or two more, I left. He wasn’t exactly chatty.

He didn’t seem creepy or untrustworthy. He looked exhausted. Taking care of her is probably three full-time jobs.

I’m only slightly relieved. But I feel better knowing she doesn’t live alone.

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