Facebook Post: 2018-11-04T23:05:09

An elderly woman, maybe in her 70s, rang our doorbell just now, barefoot and confused. I give her my slippers. She rambled, but we managed to get her address eventually, two houses down. We’re in our PJs already but we walk her home, her door wide open when we get there. We take her inside, sit her down, search the house. No one’s there. There’s a pill minder and some half empty beers sitting around. She probably had a beer and took the wrong meds on the wrong day, or doubled up, or forgot to take them entirely. We try to get more information from Rita, but she talks nonsensically about a son she needs to contact, and a party that’s out of control, and it’s hard to get anything out of her that sounds grounded, like she’s had a break. A weird tweaker neighbor on a bike, says he knows her, that this happens all the time, and then hangs around uncomfortably like he’s casing the place, until I tell him that we’ve got it under control, then he vanishes. We call and arrange for a wellness check, as she is clearly alone and seems very confused. Then we lock the door behind us and leave her on her own. It’s late, for all of us.

She called us angels sent to care for her. But angels don’t have their hearts broken by something so mundane.

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