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Movie Meme Thingy:

More time has been spent discussing and dissecting every second of film in “2001: A Space Odyssey,” and yet there is so much in this dense and beautiful work of cinema that almost every word written about this movie is worth considering. No two people agree on the meaning, no two people relate to it similarly, and in many ways, it is Kubrick’s most straightforward film. Humanity needed a leg-up, and the reward for accepting this help was a chance for us to evolve twice, each time with the Monolith as the catalyst. The first leap allowed us to become tool users. The second: allowed us to use the Monolith? Or something… to be honest, there was a lot of late ’60s psychedelia informing the end as much as there was Arthur C. Clarke’s Sci-Fi premise. But there are almost a few different films crammed into this sprawling epic, and each vignette is beautiful, confounding, and mind-expanding, a meditation on the past, present and future of humankind, and in the end, the first great Sci-Fi movie. I glean new tid-bits about our plight in the universe each time I see it, and it works just as well as something to mindlessly wash over you as it does as something to be over-analyze. I find it fascinating, as hard to grok as when I was a child, and still compelling, even after 20 or more viewings over the years. It is a landmark of film itself, a Monolith in cinema worth investigating.

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