Facebook Post: 2018-09-30T05:44:53

Movie Meme Thingy:

Presented as a comedy, and framed by the device of a fictional documentary, “Spinal Tap,” presents itself as a film about an aging and unpopular metal band. But what the copy and the critics don’t say about this film is that it is a closely observed critique of male relationships, and walks through American Cultural Excess at a time when we were just starting down the road we are now desperately on. The improvisation is well executed and reveals the ludicrousness of Metal Bands with subtlety, understated attention to detail, and with the sense that these folks are too close to the source material to really be mean-spirited. Don’t let the comedy fool you: relationships, and how men treat each other is the subject of the entire film, with Metal and Comedy being the two intertwined leit motifs. There is no better film about this genre, with the possible exception of “Decline… of Western Civilization II: The Metal Years.” But don’t be surprised if you soon stop seeing the comedy and start seeing a deeper commentary on our world. It works just as well on either level.

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