Facebook Post: 2018-09-27T09:14:05

Movie Meme thingy:

This is the perfect film. Adventure, romance, plenty of comedy, and a masterclass in editing and scene structure. The fun factor is what sells this movie, along with perfect casting and Casablanca vibes. There are no wasted scenes, no wasted dialog, and it holds up to multiple viewings. Say what you will about Harrison Ford’s acting ‘choices’ (he almost perfected the ‘I’m phoning it in’ style in the late ’70s), and yes, the sequels are largely reiterated forms of the original. (Not to mention the film is essentially an Alain Quartermain / Thief of Baghdad / Uncle Scrooge mash up.) But Raiders shines where many action / adventure films fall short, and holds up almost 40 years later. Essential to have seen it in the drive in as a youth, because how else would you see it?

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