Facebook Post: 2018-08-10T14:25:26

I’m getting a little insight into the parental brain. They wake up tired, hungry & confused, and then are dropped into constant service to those who need you to survive. So you continue to help them, tired and hungry, and then you sit through TV and music that doesn’t particularly do it for you. They want to play complicated games you don’t know how to play, and they don’t like your old-timey crap, making you feel old and out of touch. They say mean things and laugh at you. They don’t seem to mean it when they tell you they love you, then they fight with you on everything, constantly negotiating until you cave because you have no energy anymore. And then you get a few minutes to yourself – usually in the bathroom – and you can’t remember anything or think clearly because you have to think about the next several hours.

And when you’re done, and they are asleep, you have 37 minutes to fit in everything that didn’t get done the rest of the day, before you fall asleep anyway, even if you don’t want to. If there’s some of that 37 minutes left over, maybe you can do something creative or read a book, if you can even wrap your brain around the notion.

And that’s if there’s one full time person giving up their life for one other to be raised well. If there’s two kids, you’re basically screwed.

Now… why is it that we should all have big families again? I forget… I’m too exhausted.

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