Facebook Post: 2018-06-26T22:48:08

This story has been going around a lot lately. I played a show recently where a couple of dudes talked through my performance, near where I was playing. I could hear them, which was not only distracting, but was rude. When I run sound for shows, I will ask people to go outside if they talk to much. Sure, there’s a million examples and counter-examples. But without getting specific, and just speaking generally: is it acceptable to talk audibly for a long period during a performance? Why? I can think of a million reasons why you would say something during a show. Philosophically speaking, is it wrong to talk through a show?

Facebook Post: 2018-06-25T07:07:29

I think about this song a lot:

Built ourselves a city
And we made it out of mud
We dried it off this morning
Out there in the desert sun
And we never do no working
Just sit and watch TV
Well, I finally found a city
Full of people just like me

Well we’re gonna drag Bruce Springsteen
By his axe through our streets
By the time we’re done The Boss
Will look like a side of beef
We’ve got plans for other wankers
Who might come through our town
Y’know we’re going to rid the world
Of those Top 40 clowns
Then we’re going to buy some bombs
Just like the big boys have
So don’t call us losers
Or you might just make us mad!

Built ourselves a city
And we propped it up with wood
We were drunk when we made it
Hell! We did the best we could
And still we don’t do no working
Just sit and watch TV
Well, I finally found a city
Full of people just like me

Someone tried to build a health spa
But we quickly burned it down
‘Cause we don’t want any healthy people
Ruining our town
Y’know, we used to have a K-Mart
We burnt that sucker too
‘Cause they wouldn’t let you in
Without a shirt or shoes
And we never paved the roads
We just bought VCR’s
When you got good movies
Hell, you don’t need any cars

Built ourselves a city
And we call it WiseGuyVille
And we made a few mistakes
Like putting children on the pill
And we never do no working
‘Cause we got cable TV
Hell, I finally found a city
Full of people just like me

Someday we’ll have a new land
From sea to shining sea
Someday we’ll have a country
Full of people just like me

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I fell a little behind in regards to telling people about shows that have already come out, so here’s one I forgot to plug: Dashiell Thompson! You get to hear a sample of his comedy, and listen to us wax philosophic on what it is to write “good jokes.” Pairs well with our Emma Pace Jonas episode from the week before.

Facebook Post: 2018-06-08T18:55:12

Getting ready to go live at 10 PM with Fantasy & Adventure! We’re talking up the KMUZ Pledge Drive (starting tomorrow), and offering two genre programs for the price of one! First, join us for songs about superheroes, then meditate on all things from the future. With that in mind, be a superhero and keep the future of KMUZ in the black. It all starts at 10. Tune in, please?

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One problem that seems to persist in our culture is a willingness to allow assholery to continue unchecked. This isn’t a brief moment of assholedness perpetrated by a relatively innocent person who committed said act under stress or duress. Rather, we have a tendency to allow career assholes to behave this way for years on end, with no punishment until they commit outwardly illegal acts, in spite of their behavior being the daily problem.

And it’s not like we don’t know who the assholes are; the average asshole is out-and-proud of their terrible behavior. They just, “tell it like it is,” or they, “do what they like to get what they want.” But is that right?

Should we accept this behavior? We can see, now, what happens to money and government and laws when assholes get their way. Shouldn’t we take to the streets, TP in hand, to wipe away the bullshit that haunts us every day?