Facebook Post: 2018-01-31T12:32:23

Because I don’t have enough podcasts: here’s a feed to all the recordings made at the first “Salem Podcast Symposium,” where we featured four podcasts from the Salem area, live in front of audiences at The Space Concert Club. (The Capital Couple, The Podchaost, Cool Sheets & Mid-Valley Mutations.) Subscribe, and after the upcoming Symposium, you’ll be able to catch all the shows, as they come out.

Facebook Post: 2018-01-27T17:36:39

I like how FB has turned us into fleshy beings that just remember things. “Remember this? Who remembers this movie? Only ‘90’s kids committed these felonies. Here’s your tainted memories from that awful party last year. Remember, remember, the fifth of November.”

I guess technology has led us to this point in history: where our primary activity is to remember things that already happened.

Facebook Post: 2018-01-23T08:04:21

The part of me that longs for the days of Live Friday is very excited to bring live music to WTBC Radio In Beautiful Anywhere, Anywhen. While it is often a cliche, I will admit that there might be a relationship between the volume of the playback and your enjoyment.

Facebook Post: 2018-01-19T18:50:42

Leonard Cohen, Mike Mahaffay, Mose Allison, Katherine Dunn, Sam Shepard, Allen Toussaint, Chuck Berry, Fats Domino, Keely Smith, Harry Dean Stanton, Charles Manson, Holger Czukay, Jaki Liebezeit, Monty Hall, Fred Cole, Andrew Loomis, John Abercrombie, Sir Terry Pratchett, Roswell Rudd, Sunny Murray, Z’ev and Pierre Henry.

Tune in, for: The People Who Died. An overview of the incredible artists we lost recently. The fun starts at 10 PM, sharp. On KMUZ.

Facebook Post: 2018-01-15T18:13:13

I’m really excited to have been on KEXP. Doug (the host of Sonarchy on KEXP) was a real gentleman, and I think the show sounds great. Plus: I got to do all the announcing. It was a total thrill, and a fun wan to kick-start 2018. You should listen to this one. We really lay down a great jam.

Facebook Post: 2018-01-07T20:40:06

I’m incredibly excited to announce that you can finally hear my band perform live on Sonarchy on KEXP. This is huge. Not only did I get to play live on KEXP (sort of a big deal, to me), but I was the announcer for this hour, too. I hope Seattle is ready for what we brought in audio form. Please, tune in. This is something I’m very excited about.

Facebook Post: 2018-01-01T11:12:28

The first episode of the newly relaunched WTBC Radio In Beautiful Anywhere, Anywhen podcast will go out tomorrow. I’m very excited for this new program, and I think it is gonna be fun to bring to you every Tuesday.

If you would like to preview our first episode before it airs, I do have an advance link that I can share with the first five people who ask for it. This episode features a candid conversation with an actor and musician, but I’ll save who it is for tomorrow (and for the lucky previewers).

Until then, Happy New Year!