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Time to locate your blackest blacks, and get ready to dance your way into December. It’s our second Nebulae gathering, where we listen to vintage Goth / Industrial and get super spooky for a few scant hours. Travis W & M will be spinning tunes, and the bar will be stocked with plenty of libations. Join us! The weekend starts tonight.

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I came into this jacket when I was in High School. (Perhaps Justin, Devin or Chantal may recall how?) As was the style at the time, I brought it to the last day of High School (1993), and had everyone draw on it / write all over it.

At some point a hole opened up in the back, and for a long period, a massive duct tape patch covered it. (Again: the style of the time.) I wore it around for ages, retired it, revived it when I moved to PDX in 2000, and retired it again. Occasionally I broke it out for a one-night-only engagements, but it saw it’s last use around 2005, and has been in a closet / box ever since.

I forgot I had it, and rediscovered it in a recent archeological dig through the remains of my items in “storage.” My immediate thought was, time to snap a photo and trash this.

So, why is it so hard to carry out the “trashing” part of that sentiment?

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Saw the original Terminator film again the other day, a movie that really stuck with me after my friend Justin showed it to me at his house one night when we were kids. In the world before T2 and the franchise becoming what it was, there was the mundane reality of late ‘80’s video store cinema, of which my family and friends were all well versed.

What sticks with me is the music, which holds up much better than the plot holes and FX glitches that occasionally crop up. That music really is the glue that keeps the film together, and makes a B Movie a really incredible piece of work. I’m a sucker for time travel, but like with Alien, that first film really is something that is not replicable in later iterations.

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Enjoy this Holiday Retrocast from last year, where we bring you a Very Brautigan Thanksgiving. Some readings, some music, and some holiday meditations. Or, really, just something to listen to instead of Uncle Albert’s conspiracy theories. Happy Holidays from all of us at Mid-Valley Mutations. Available for stream or download.

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I really enjoyed the new series of Stranger Things. But I’m concerned about how much of it resonates with me, as I see stuff that really connects with my memory of the world in the early ‘80s. Certainly it has a lot to do with the nostalgia / references the show cultivates, but so much of it feels like an experience I had, too. I don’t know how, as there is nothing in it that even mirrors my own childhood, per se. But so much of it circles small moments that I did go through. Certainly this is by design, and any number of men my age are all having simultaneous epiphanies. But there is something in this show that really pushes all my buttons, makes me cry and laugh at the dumbest things, and feels so personal that I wonder how it got made. I haven’t felt like this since I was watching, “Lost,” and the story started to mirror one I wrote in Jr. High. Anyway: Stranger Things. (Like you need me to recommend it by now.)

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Hmmmm. As it happens, there’s almost no mystery to why gun violence occurs, and there are factors that can be measured – and actions that can be taken as a country – which could be used to reduce this kind of violence.

So… why do we let it happen again and again? Is intentional ignorance and death the price of freedom?

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Negativland November has expanded on the program, with the addition of an interview with Wobbly on December 1st. With that in mind, we are going into full “Audience Participation” mode. (Inspired by Don Joyce’s “Receptacle Programming”.) Call in during the show, and be a part of the program. You’ll want to be a part of this rare event. It all starts this Friday, at 10 PM, Sharp!

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I bought this jacket while shopping with Cheryl in about 2005/2006, on a spree where I bought a bunch of the things I wore until I met Marla, who very quickly took over buying all of my clothing once we started seeing each other seriously. This became my show / party jacket, and I wore it while hosting live radio events, performing with Dead Air Fresheners, and other fun events in those years. I haven’t really worn it much since I moved to Salem, and sadly, it no longer fits well, as I have become older and rounder. Maybe someone at a thrift store will continue the life cycle of this fine jacket (sans pins). Good luck!

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I made this by hand, from scratch, without a pattern, and done out of a pillowcase. I had no idea how to make anything, and had never sewn anything before. It was for Halloween, 2008. I was a person getting ready for bed. (Pajamas, cap and candle.) I wore it once at a party with friends I largely never see anymore. Zlatko may be the only person I see at all.

I think I would wear a real nightcap, if they were still a thing. But this one was great for one night. I slept okay, anyway.

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I got this hat in High School. (Maybe Chantal remembers?) It originally had a bill, but that soon came off, and I had to use safety pins to keep it from coming apart further after that. I wore it through High School, through the Cathead years, through all of my first few girlfriends, and aside from occasional parties and costumes, has gone un-used since I was 25. Weird to think this hat is almost as old as I was when I gave up wearing it. Why does this single item carry so much emotional baggage attached to a single, tiny item of clothing? I spent yesterday crying over this…