Facebook Post: 2017-08-28T09:30:51

We’re a little frazzled as we recover, but a lot of people want to offer help. One way is to buy some merch. All my zines and music are available here, pay what you like for a lot of it, and some you can pay as much as you like. And you get some zines or music out of it. I’ll be getting to all your messages soon. I love you all.

Facebook Post: 2017-08-04T06:46:07

Went down the rabbit hole today, and the phrase “relative deprivation” was used to describe a kind of motivation for people who take political action.

“[Relative deprivation] can be experienced by people that experience expansion of rights or wealth, followed by stagnation or reversal of those gains.”

For example: if you live in a world of privilege, and the political climate feels like it may no longer keep you in that world, you would experience “relative deprivation.”

Conversely: if you are finally granted rights, and then a new government takes those rights away, you would also experience “relative deprivation.”

I found this to be very interesting.