Facebook Post: 2017-06-23T15:16:12

Tonight, on KMUZ at 10 PM, sharp! We are having a show this Sunday at The Space Concert Club, where we are offering six different electronic experimental acts for your enjoyment. You can catch three of them on Mid-Valley Mutations performing live: Chemotroph, Luthor Maggot & Grease Beast. Tune in for modular synths and other electronic oddities. You won’t be sorry.

Facebook Post: 2017-06-22T18:29:15

Some people would say that I have too many podcasts. I would say that only increases the odds that you will find one that you like. This one follows Ainsley, Joe & myself as we discuss some of the random crap that we find as part of our regular digital lives. You can give us an “enjoy” and follow us on social media, now.

Facebook Post: 2017-06-22T15:35:29

Here’s my latest Salem Weekly Music piece, about a mix tape of music by bands that are playing in Salem between now and our next issue. All of this music is available now, so get to know current music from Salem, and let’s go see some shows! (Special thanks to Vic Hollywood for the idea / name.)

Facebook Post: 2017-06-21T15:45:40

In case this slipped past your feed today: I have a new podcast that I do with Ainsley & Joe, where we discuss culture that somehow missed its mark. Do you like to laugh? Well, good luck with that. But in this episode, we talk about homemade food for sale on eBay, terrible kids toys, and a quick peek at the Hard Rock Billboard Music Charts for this week. “Why Did We Do This?” Available for stream or download. Enjoy.

Facebook Post: 2017-06-21T15:36:14

Thank you Make Music Day Salem’s Instagram account (& Brian Hart) for snapping a pic of me at Taproot Lounge & Cafe today. What a great show. The staff at the Taproot are great, Julie Eaton busted her ass to make sure everything was going well, and it sounded pretty dope if you ask me. I’ll probably post some audio / video later. Thanks MMD!

Facebook Post: 2017-06-21T07:03:58

New episode of “Why Did We Do This?” dropped last night. In this one, Ainsley, Austin & Joe journey through shitty kids toys, food you can buy from eBay, and a quick check-in with the Hard Rock Billboard Charts for this week. Our show’s in iTunes these days, and whydidwedothis.wordpress.com has all sorts of info and links about the show. Go ahead. Available for stream or download.

Facebook Post: 2017-06-16T06:10:03

So, a horrible person is doing terrible things. And awful people are supporting him.

My question is: why is this surprising? Did the history of mankind tell a different story, and was life so very different, before this?

Horrible people will always convince awful people to support them.

But we should stop kidding ourselves if we are surprised by that truth. And, perhaps, follow Mr. Rogers’ advice, and look for the people who are helping instead, and focus our attention on them.

Facebook Post: 2017-06-15T09:23:17

Good News! I’ll be performing a solo set of experimental collage / electronic music at Taproot Lounge & Cafe as part of Make Music Day, Salem! I’m pretty excited. I’ll be on at 2:30, and the line-up there (and elsewhere that day) is pretty crazy. This will be a condensed example of what listening to Mid-Valley Mutations is like, and a good example of the kinds of weirdness we love to get up to. Please, come out, and enjoy! I think it’ll be a lot of fun.

Facebook Post: 2017-06-15T08:56:34

Tomorrow, we’re getting a chance to interview a mover and a shaker in the local music scene, Mustin Douch. Not only a performer in an incredible number of bands in the area, he also handles the booking at Fifty Pub N’ Grub, and has a ton of good stories about working in the biz. Join us as he plays records, talks about music and what drives him, and offers us a glimpse into his musical world. This starts at 10 PM, sharp. Don’t be late!

Facebook Post: 2017-06-15T08:41:21

Thanks again to everyone who came out last night for It’s A Comic Book Swap! at The Space Concert Club! Jessica & Jason brought the whole family, we met a handful of new friends who are eager to meet up again, and I traded off all my old Flash comics (and a handful of other gems) for this incredible haul, that I can’t wait to read! Special thanks to the staff for making nights like this so much fun, and to my understanding wife, who supported us on her birthday. (Thanks Marla.) Let’s do this again, soon!

Facebook Post: 2017-06-14T06:49:36

And now for something completely different. You know all that stuff of culture that you usually manage to forget about, but occasionally stumble across and say, “Oh shit, this exists.” Ainsley, Austin & Joe offer an overview of some of the various cultural mishaps in the world, be they fidget spinners, terrible movies, or that weird habit that the tweakers next door seem completely obsessed about. “Why Did We Do This?” tracks the less elegant corners of pop culture, and now, you can too. We’re in iTunes, and for all our episodes (and a technology atheist RSS feed link), go to whydidwedothis.wordpress.com. Our pilot is up now, where Joe makes us guess how much certain films made. Listen, and rejoice!

Facebook Post: 2017-06-12T05:38:54

Hey, it’s a new episode of our show! And this one is about you. I bet you like it when middle aged people talk about TV and movies from 30 years ago that they loved oh so much. We know you do, you told us so on Myfacester+ and Twinstablr, and that’s why we recorded this one. Just for you. Because we know you are one of us. Gabba gabba, we accept you. We accept you. One of us. For stream or download.

Facebook Post: 2017-06-09T15:16:01

I started spontaneously crying today when I heard Orson Welles do a version of this scene on the radio:

Alexander: Oh, er, do you mind if I ask you a question, frankly? Do you love my daughter?

Peter: Any guy that’d fall in love with your daughter ought to have his head examined.

Alexander: Now that’s an evasion! … Do you love her?

Peter: A normal human being couldn’t live under the same roof with her without going nutty! She’s my idea of nothing!

Alexander: I asked you a simple question! Do you love her?

Peter: YES! But don’t hold that against me, I’m a little screwy myself!

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10 PM, sharp! Our program is the last broadcast of KMUZ’s Pledge Drive this year, and we are already past our initial goal, and on our way to meeting our secondary goal, too! For every donor that contributes to KMUZ and mentions our program, they will receive an LP from my record collection as a thank you for their donation. As a thank you to those listening, we have Bitches in the Beehive, live! Make a donation, and help keep our show on the air.

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The KMUZ Pledge Drive is in full swing, and we need your help to keep the station running, and to keep Mid-Valley Mutations on the air. Go ahead and click this link, where you can donate to the station in whatever amount you can afford. This time, for everyone who donates in the name of Mid-Valley Mutations, you’ll receive an LP from my collection as a thank you gift for your donation. It’s my way of thanking you for keeping our show – and our station – going. So please, click, donate and enjoy.