Facebook Post: 2017-05-29T11:00:16

Sunday Service: Mutation Showcase 02 was fantastic last night, and we couldn’t have done it without a number of amazing people. Not the least of which are Stan Keightley & Summer Keightley of The Space Concert Club. (That brownie was fantastic!) Daniel Loren kept everyone well stocked in drinks. Also, a huge thank you to the bands: Uneasy Chairs, Depleted Your Cranium, Forbidden Love (Midori Hirose & Jason Bokros), Xapchyk (Kyle Stant, Jerry Soga & David Morgan) and The Giant Worm (Gary Dye, Robert Shepard, Colin Bryce & Art Law), who were kind enough to let me sit in with them. These shows are fast becoming one of my favorite things to do every month. I’m very excited to have this be a part of Salem’s musical landscape.

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