Facebook Post: 2017-04-24T06:04:50

Are you ready for The Meaning of Life? 8 Bands / 2 Venues / 2 Days, all to help Austin Rich celebrate his 42nd trip around the sun. Mark your calendars, and drop by Saturday to hear some excellent rock music by MARC & the Horsejerks, Gordon Taylor (a 10th Anniversary Performance for them), punk combo Just Kitten stepping out of the garage for the first time, and Eugene hardcore duo /root_DIR. All at the Fifty Pub N’ Grub, the hardest rockin’ (and hardest drinkin’) bar in Salem. This will prove to be a lot of fun, and we’re really looking forward to seeing you. (And, tune in to Mid-Valley Mutations the night before, to hear Just Kitten kick things off, live on the air!)

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