Facebook Post: 2016-09-20T07:21:49

My copy of Wizard of Oz has been missing for a while. And, it doesn’t seem to get the yearly TV treatment it once got. I guess Amazon has it streaming, but there’s something about this movie that “feels” broadcast to me, even when I know it isn’t.

Maybe it is silly to say that this is the greatest film ever made? I don’t care. It is. It pushes all the right buttons, it makes me cry, the songs are memorable, and there’s so many myths and rumors about it that it “feels” like the right thing to say. What could be better? Nothing in the last 70 plus years can match this magic.

Anyway, I now have a copy again. And I will watch it once a year, at least. It’s not the same as watching it on TV every year, but hopefully Marla can tolerate me watching this and bawling once in a while. She’s already used to me crying over the Popeye Musical when I make her watch that with me.

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