Facebook Post: 2016-08-27T15:34:19

Edited my next episode of Mid-Valley Mutations, saw George this morning, and had a very productive meeting at KMUZ coming up with ideas to help local radio. Thanks everyone who showed up and helped, too. Now it’s time for an afternoon housewarming party, and planning our State Fair tactics for when we go tomorrow.

Not a bad weekend, so far.

Facebook Post: 2016-08-07T09:07:24

Today, on Geekly-Update: it’s a veritable grab bag of topics and subjects as we catch up with what has been going on in the week of geek. Participants in KCRW’s 4th Annual 24-Hour Radio Race will report on how they did, and even play a segment from their work. Then we’ll discuss Sleep Hygiene, The Suicide Squad movie (and morality in Comic Book films), and in all likelihood, many other topics along the way. Join us at 2 PM for a full panel and plenty to talk about.

Facebook Post: 2016-08-06T17:09:31

In this very special KPSU broadcast, we get a wonderful conversation and a slice of history. DJ Victrola (Vicky Mazzone) & DJ Rachelle speak with KPSU founders Don Nasca & Brian Korver. This is a rare broadcast that is well worth checking out if you are curious about the station, and where it is now. Enjoy!

Facebook Post: 2016-08-04T07:46:49

I have a question: How would you feel if journalists and armchair detectives decided to go through every part of your life, and held you to everything you’ve ever said and did?

Now, imagine all of that stuff distilled down to a status update or a meme, being spread around and talked about by everyone, all across the country.

How would you fare? Would you be held up as an example of a good American? Would your political alignment match up with your behavior and everything you’ve ever said? How would you do if that was your daily reality?

This is what I think about when I think about this election cycle.