Facebook Post: 2015-10-23T07:30:25

Yesterday we went to ƒ/stop Fitzgerald’s Public House for their record swap (hosted by Sons of Salem at KMUZ 88.5), and met Kit & Lori from Ranch Records – Cds, Lps, Vintage Rock Art, Dvds. Not only did I make a couple of swaps for some extras in my collection (and got a Black Lips colored vinyl, and an actual Surf Punks LP!), but I also recieved a free single from one of the Ranch employee’s old bands, I won a Ranch gift certificate in a raffle, and Kit & Lori bought Marla and I each a beer and told us awesome collecting stories well after the swap was over, to the point where we were up past 10 PM. (Late for us.) It was a great time.

I’m telling you, f/stop, KMUZ and Ranch are all worth your support, and there are some very cool and wonderful people here in Salem, if you search around. On the heels of our amazing Silent Movie adventure from the night before, this has been a very magical weekend so far. Wait, it isn’t even Friday? Fo’ reals?

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