Facebook Post: 2015-04-26T18:12:03

OH SHIT! I almost forgot: Jeremy C. Long, who tirelessly helped arrange the show at Plew’s Brews, and who ran sound / helped wrangle the bands for the evening. This was the kickoff for his Experimental Friday’s series at Plew’s, every last friday, so make sure to support him in all that he does! An the album he gave me as a gift is pretty fuckin’ solid, to boot!

Facebook Post: 2015-04-26T16:38:42

This last weekend was the official release of The Shindig Shakedown, a Digital 7″ by Blasphuphmus Radio. Soon I’ll be making announcements about ways you can pick this up if you missed the show, but in the meantime, you can stream all the tracks from both discs on our Bandcamp page. Thanks again to everyone who picked up a copy. There’s some pretty sweet stuff on here.

Facebook Post: 2015-04-26T14:48:17

Miss Rikki, Nil Jones, Doug Theriault, Tiffany Lee Brown, Eric Hausmann, Mike Mahaffay, Kamal Sabran, Overdose The Katatonic, Ricardo Wang, Ryan A Ray, Tony Mancill, Jesse Ransom Burkett, Chris Brooks, Eric S. Gregory (and the rest of The Welfare State), Colin Hix, Slap Chaplan, Kiisu Dsalyss, Joe Peg, Nikolas Sanow, (and the rest of Xiphoid Process): ya’ll rock the fuckin’ house.

Facebook Post: 2015-04-22T20:52:37

The Shindig Shakedown, a digital 7″ that will only be available at the shows this weekend, is looking pretty impressive. Over 80 artists, with video, ‘zines, music and more, all in excellent packaging. One more reason to come out this weekend and rock the fuck out. Don’t miss out; I only made 100.

Facebook Post: 2015-04-20T18:00:06

Friends: I am becoming entirely irrelevant on Friday and Saturday of this week, as my odometer ticks over to four uh-oh.

Your presence would only improve the party x10.

If you like music and bars and good people, please come out. I promise you few long-winded excuses, but instead a whole lot of fun. Let’s hang out.

I love you.

Facebook Post: 2015-04-18T06:42:12

Super-Secret Special Guests can now be announced! No birthday party would be complete without a surprise, and it is with that in mind that I can now announce that Eric Hausmann & Tiffany Lee Brown will be performing together at Plew’s Brews on April 24th! This is likely to be the last time Eric will be performing in the United States for some time, and together with Tiffany they may well veer into their “Easter Island Project” music. Regardless, they are both fantastic performers, and I am very excited to have them on the bill for this show. Friday is gonna rule…

Facebook Post: 2015-04-18T06:15:05

Ladies & Gentlemen! I am proud to announce that Marla Pemberton, Zlatko Altandziev and I are in a hilarious sequel to the animated film, Bubble Bubble Meows and the Meteor Stomachache! (The new one is called “Bubble Bubble Meows and the Lame-O Baby Jib.”) We screened it for our nephew, a genuine five year old, who thought it was pretty funny, and had both of us in stitches, too. Thanks Matt Orefice, our director! We had a lot of fun doing voices for the film. You should check out the movie, if you can.

Facebook Post: 2015-04-12T09:19:31

There is so much terrible techno music, I would like to do my part toward making the world a better place, and lead by example. I will be genuine and honest with everyone, and assume everyone means well in all they do. We all suffer from derivative dance music, and the sooner we can bond together on this, the better.

Facebook Post: 2015-04-11T15:12:38

As I having been plugging away at it periodically this weekend, I want to remind everyone that the Shindig Shakedown compilation is coming together quite nicely, and will only be available at my 40th Birthday Party. Amazing music, great multi-media packaging, and contains hours of music, video and text to read! Pick up your copy at Plew’s Last Friday Experimental Music Series: The Country Mouse & The City Mouse: Austin’s 40th Shindig (Day 1) and Two Sides To Every Party: Austin’s 40th Birthday Split LP (Day 2), April 24th & 25th. The Shindig Shakedown. Are you ready?

Facebook Post: 2015-04-11T07:18:59

Are you an artist / writer / musician / person who makes creative expressions that you like to share with the world? There is still time to make a last-minute submission to The Shindig Shakedown, and digital compilation of work commemorating my 40th birthday, happening very soon. There’s a lot of cool stuff as part of this collection, and I would love to include your work. Let’s make some art!