Facebook Post: 2015-03-09T07:39:54

Here’s some information about Team Puddle Stompers, some friends of mine who are doing some excellent fundraising for Leukemia & Lymphoma. They have an event at Chipotle on March 19th, and a number of other opportunities where you can put your money where it is very much needed. There’s a 60 second audio commercial that you can stream at this link.

Facebook Post: 2015-03-08T11:12:17

Only available at Austin’s 40th Birthday Celebrations: The Shindig Shakedown. A collection of music and art by friends and artists. This is your chance to contribute a song, poem, short story, video, photograph, drawing or utterance for an opportunity to be in this collection. Pick up your copy at Plew’s Last Friday Experimental Music Series: The Country Mouse & The City Mouse: Austin’s 40th Shindig (Day 1) and Two Sides To Every Party: Austin’s 40th Birthday Split LP (Day 2) April 24th & 25th. You’ll be glad you did.