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On a very special What’s This Called?, Ricardo Wang is out of town, and DJ Victrola Vicky Mazzone) hosts as Elisa Faires & Divine Circles perform live for a discerning audience. This was an amazing performance, and you do not want to miss this. Available for stream or download.

Facebook Post: 2014-08-13T17:50:21

Good People Of The Interweb-A-Tron! Do any of you have a video camera, and happens to be free and in the vicinity of Portland State University around 12 Noon this Saturday? Are you interested in donating about two hours of your time for the sake of KPSU Radio and What’s This Called? If so, please let me know as soon as possible.

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There are many stops along The Secret True History of Rock ‘n’ Roll, and you can follow them all with this handy playlist over on The YouTubes. This playlist contains all the music that has been featured in both episodes of this series, and is a pretty fuckin’ great playlist if I don’t mind saying. The Ronettes, ELVIS PRESLEY, The Nervous PDX, Bomb the Music Industry!, Lester Bangs, The Will Bradley Orchestra, Buchanan & Goodman, The Epoxies & Unwound. More to come. Enjoy.

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The Secret True History of Rock ‘n’ Roll Part II: Defending Elvis. As Miss Rikki & I sort out the format of the program, we discuss the importance of The Ronettes, Ramones, ELVIS PRESLEY, The Nervous PDX, & Bomb the Music Industry!, all while balancing that fine line between drunk and charming. Available for stream or download.