Facebook Post: 2013-05-19T20:13:37

One of the highlights of my radio career has definitely involved running sound for Gaytheist yesterday, and now you can hear the results! Jonathon Boober hosted, and this show contains more “Fuck Yeahs!” in one hour than most radio programs offer in a whole day. Available for stream or download.

Facebook Post: 2013-05-19T17:43:38

Yesterday, I took over KPSU for nearly 8 hours, starting with special What’s This Called? coverage for Ricardo Wang. This show features two audio essays from the ’40’s radio program, The Strange Doctor Weird! This one’s a doozy, and I’m quite proud of the results. For stream or download.

Facebook Post: 2013-05-19T17:40:32

Kicking things off: Another installment of the “Miniature Show Update Alert Alert Alert!” I run down all the live music I saw this weekend, and feature some selections from the new Man… or Astro-Man? 7″s I picked up at the show on Friday. Available for stream or download.

Facebook Post: 2013-05-19T11:05:32

DUDE. Yesterday was amazing, and there are a ton of people to thank. Tunacan Jones, Jonathon Boober, Closet Radio, Gaytheist, Sweat Lodge, No Bone, etc. You guys were awesome. Links, video, photos, etc. are all forthcoming. In the meantime, you should drop by the Kenton Street Fair, and enjoy your Sunday. DON’T FORGET TO VOTE!

Facebook Post: 2013-05-18T08:17:54

The magic starts today at 12 Noon. First, I’m covering for What’s This Called?, bringing you a pair of audio essays from “The Strange Doctor Weird.” Then, at 2 PM, join me and Jonathon Boober as we host Gaytheist. Stay tuned, because afterward we’ll be joined by Miss Rikki for more radio until 8 PM, as we host Sweat Lodge and No Bone, on tour from San Francisco. Listen at KPSU.org. Keep it locked, it will rule!

Facebook Post: 2013-05-17T09:47:19

Here’s another retrocast from exactly 8 years ago, within the first year I was on KPSU. A one-hour blast of Nuggets-era gems, all while I train my friend Katie to be a DJ. Get a taste of an all-’60’s ear version of our show, available for stream or download.

Facebook Post: 2013-05-16T16:25:32

Here’s a gem from exactly six years ago, on this very date. This was my first show in the 6 PM slot, just after The Guitar Shop, when I took over for The Gumbo Ya-Ya show. My show was more of a “rock” showcase in those days, but you can see the beginnings of my current show format taking shape. I’m quite fond of the mix, and hearing some of these old spots are making me nostalgic for OG KPSU shows. For stream or download.

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New Show! New-ish-er Music! Audio-Essays and Collages! Tune in for the music of Moth Hunter, Gaytheist, Overdose The Katatonic, Charles Bukowski, some Russian Satanic Metal, Blue Cheer, and more! Let this show restore your faith in radiophonic audio experiences! Or: just rock out. For stream or download.